Security & Communications

  • First Aid kits in corridors
  • 24 hour reception
Video surveillance system (CCTV): Communications:
  • 5 video cameras inside and 9 outside
    + register unit.
  • Main monitor at reception, repeater
    monitor at the security house
  • 24 hour security
  • Alma TV digital quality
  • Mini telephone station:
    4 telephone lines with reception console
  • Internet:
    wi-fi transmitter each floor
Fire alarm system: Firefighting equipment:
  • Smoke detectors each room, all corridors,
    all service rooms.
  • Siren and flashing lights in the corridors.
  • Fire escape lights.
  • Fire alarm panel at reception.
  • Repeater fire alarm panel at
    the security house
  • Powder fire extinguishers in the corridors,
    kitchen, boiler room, service room
  • Powder fire extinguisher 4 kg each apartment
  • Fire blanket each kitchen
  • Fire board at the yard
  • Fire extinguisher 30 liter at the yard
  • Muster point outside at the car parking